Picking the right DWI attorney

Getting arrested for a DWI is usually the first time many people are exposed to the criminal justice system. This can be a scary reality and its very important if you are arrested for a DWI you hire an attorney to represent you. DWI’s are very serious and have real consequences that will impact your life. Everything from losing your driving privileges to going to jail etc. That is why you must hire an experienced DWI attorney that will protect your rights and walk you through the process.

Stephen Hebert is one of the very best DWI attorneys in the New Orleans area. He was a former prosecutor and is an expert in representing clients in all criminal matters. He has handled hundreds of DWI’s and can help you with your case as well. You can call him at (504) 528-9500 for a free consultation.

In the past DWIs were not considered serious crimes and many people would get a slap on the wrist but things have certainly changed. Now DWI’s in Louisiana are much more serious because of the many people that have dies from auto accidents from drunk drivers. Now your third DWI in Louisiana is a felony punishable up to 5 years in jail. If you decide to face a DWI charge without an attorney you can expect to face harsher punishments. For more information about DWI’s in New Orleans visit: https://dwiattorneyneworleans.net/